Time Machine

Close to my hand
Was something on demand
Was a ring I destroyed it
She could always avoid it
Took me no time at all
Should have known I would fall
From the edge of the fishbowl
Face-first on the table

She never cared
I was under-prepared
Thought she’d stay in my pocket
She took off in a rocket ship
Into outer space
There’s a ghost in her place
She’s made alien friends
Robotic monster villains

Time machine won’t you take me back into the Mesozoic era?
I would bring lots of money, credit cards, and
Tons of gold and silver

What do you do
When you lose someone close to you?
I’ve tried everything
Have yet to untie this string
And now the string’s in a clump
Somehow caught in a slump
Scissors are dangerous
And unlike her they can rust