Rhinestone Gal

Take me by the hand
Show me to the land
Fingers on demand for my rhinestone
I got what you need
One or two or three
Now it’s you and me and my rhinestone

Pointer is a’ wiggling
Middle is a’ jiggling
Something’s gonna give in my rhinestone
I can feel it shaking
I’m soar and I am aching
But I can’t take a break in my rhinestone

Rhinestone gal

Time is now I know
Head first I will go
I can smell a rose in my rhinestone
Sweeter than a peach
Well within my reach
Tires never screech at my rhinestone

Pulling out my hair on my head
My skin is tearing to shred
But I don’t care, it’s my rhinestone
Here it comes, I know it
My face will surely show it’s
A place I love to go in my rhinestone